Adult Bible Fellowships

Adult discipleship groups that meet on Sunday mornings

Centered on the Bible
Every group is centered on the word of God. Each of our groups is going to focus on helping each other know and live God’s Word.

Intentional Care and Discipleship
Every Adult Bible Fellowship is led with intentional care. This starts by being led by a leader who is focused on caring for group members with tangible, biblical love. Each group also focuses on making disciples together.

Live Life Together
Every Adult Bible Fellowship attempts to share life together. We like to say that “WL is Family” and this idea might be best lived out as we share our lives together in real relationships.

Look Outward
Every Adult Bible Fellowship makes it their aim to look outward together. Healthy groups focus on more than themselves. They welcome new people in, disciple and train new leaders, and send out those that God is calling to new opportunities.

Please use the link below to see meeting times and locations for each group.

Adult Bible Fellowships

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